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Best Places To See The Northern Lights In Ontario

Where To See The Northern Lights in Ontario

One of the best aspects of life in Ontario is the weather. As the southernmost of all the provinces and territories in Canada, Ontario gets some spectacular summers and winters that don’t reach the frigid temperatures of many of our northern neighbours. It also, however, means that people in Ontario often miss out on one […]

10 Breathtaking Places To See Fall Colours Near Toronto

Fall Colours Near Toronto

The fall season is here. The air is crisp and every breath out carries the chance of mist. Autumn in Ontario draws people from around the world who want to take in the magical fall colours that line back roads and fill our parks. And this year, thanks to travel restrictions, we have them all […]

Apple Picking in Ottawa: How to Visit Apple Orchards in Ottawa (and Nearby)

As cool nights come around and the fall slowly creeps its way closer and closer, ideas of hot apple cider and warm apple pie might come to mind. If you’re searching for where to go apple picking in Ottawa, or at least near Ottawa, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many apple […]

Thrill Seekers Will Love These 4 Treetop Trekking Spots Near Toronto

treetop trekking near Toronto

We here at Ultimate Ontario know that adventure activities are never far away in this province. But sometimes we feel like stepping up our game and getting a little craaaaazy! One of our favourite ways to shake off the every-day is by experiencing one of the great destinations for treetop trekking in Toronto. After all, […]

Your Guide to Finding Giant Sunflower Fields in Ontario During Sunflower Season

The end of July can bring mixed emotions. “Where has July gone?!”, “The days are getting shorter!”, “I think I need a sweater tonight!”; “SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER!” Fear not. Just as the days are beginning to get a little shorter, the happiest and sunniest of flowers comes out to shine bright. That’s right, I’m […]

The Best Places for Stargazing in Ontario This Summer

Few things capture the imagination more than staring up at the night sky. The view of the stars glimmering endlessly into the distance is awe-inspiring. Luckily for those in this province, stargazing in Ontario is booming. New Ontario dark sky preserves are popping up around the province a couple of times per decade. With the […]

10 of the Most Beautiful Hikes in Ontario

Most Beautiful Hikes In Ontario

Ontario has some of the most varied landscapes in Canada. From the hard granite of the Canadian shield to the mossy ferns of Canada’s southernmost tip, this province is an outdoor-lovers paradise. And when trying to narrow down the most beautiful hikes in Ontario, there is a huge swath of territory to consider. Luckily the […]

The 10 Best Resorts for Downhill Skiing in Ontario

The Best Downhill Skiing In Ontario

Ontario isn’t a province that has been blessed with extreme verticals or righteous powder. Yet despite that, downhill skiing in Ontario is something that remains incredibly popular. With our northern climate and the long winters that come with it, people in Ontario are dying to get outside to shake off those winter blues. And there […]

Experience Lake Scugog Ice Fishing Just 1 Hour From Toronto

Lake Scugog Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing is as Canadian as Tim Hortons (well, at least before they got purchased by a Brazilian company). It’s quintessential to our northern identity here in Ontario. The timeless adventure of huddling in the warmth of a shelter sharing laughs, drinks, and stories is a classic Ontario experience. And it’s something that everyone in […]