Explore The Best Cities and Small Towns In Ontario


From the towering downtown of Toronto to the monuments of Ottawa, the cities that make up the province of Ontario are a big part of the heart and soul that makes Ontario one of the best places to live in Canada and the world.

Our guides to the best cities in Ontario will help you plan your adventures so you can experience the incredible restaurants, museums, and urban escapes. Discover how each city in Ontario has their own unique culture. From Thunder Bay on the far north of Lake Superior to Windsor, lying deep in the south, Ultimate Ontario’s city guides have everything you need to plan your urban travels in Ontario.

Things to do in Toronto

Things to do in Toronto

things to do in Hamilton

Things to do in Hamilton

The Canadian Parliament Buildings centred in front of the eternal flame

Things to do in Ottawa

More Incredible Ontario Cities and Towns

Ontario attractions don’t stop at the province’s major cities. The charming small towns in Ontario stretch throughout the borders of the province.

Take a stroll through the rich history of historic Perth, walk the waterfront in Collingwood or take in the sights and sounds of London. From big to small, here are your favourite cities in Ontario.