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Ontario Indigenous Tourism

Ontario culture dates back tens of thousands of years. Explore Indigenous tourism in Ontario that puts you in touch with our roots.

Ontario Indigenous tourism

Explore Amazing Indigenous Tourism Experiences in Ontario

Ultimate Ontario is deeply committed to the roots of Canada and the Indigenous Peoples upon whose ancestral land and unceded territories we thrive.

We respect this land as well as the people who have and do reside here. As part of our commitment to exploring the true province, we must first begin by acknowledging the Indigenous Peoples of all the lands that lie within its borders.

We recognize and value the importance of the lands that we call home as well as those we visit or settle within. We do this to reaffirm our commitment and responsibility to improving relationships between nations as well as to grow our own understanding of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and their unique cultures.

Throughout its borders, we acknowledge the ancestral and unceded territories of the Algonquin, Mississauga, Ojibway, Cree, Odawa, Pottowatomi, Delaware, and the Haudenosaunee, and all First Nations people that call this land home and have for thousands of years.

As a commitment to supporting Indigenous communities in Ontario we want to pay special attention to Indigenous tourism in Ontario, and support and promote the amazing experiences run by Indigenous Peoples throughout the province. We believe that a small part of reconciliation is elevating the awareness of Indigenous Peoples in Canada through tourism.

Join us for unforgettable journeys through Ontario guided by Indigenous leaders whose families have lived here for countless generations.

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Indigenous-run businesses in Ontario are creating some of the most spectacular and memorable travel experiences in the provinces. From incredible restaurants to unforgettable outdoor adventures, and everything in between, Ultimate Ontario celebrates Indigenous tourism in Ontario.