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Niagara Parks Announces Stunning 4D Experience at the Niagara Parks Power Station

The Niagara Power Generating Station is the latest Niagara Falls attraction. Featuring the Currents light show and access to Niagara history.

Niagara Parks 4D

Niagara Falls, Ontario has long been on of Canada’s premier travel destinations. And year-round Niagara Falls experiences such as the Journey Behind the Falls and the White Water Walk are about to get another boost thanks to the launch of the exciting new landmark attraction at the long-dormant Niagara Power Generating Station.

Set to begin welcoming visitors on July 1st, 2021, this brand new Niagara Falls attraction will act as an important catalyst to reviving tourism in Niagara Falls after a tough year and a half of lockdowns and restrictions. Pre-sale tickets will begin selling on the Niagara Parks website on April 1st.

What Is The New Niagara Parks Power Station Attraction?

Niagara Falls and the Niagara Power Plant
Table Rock and The Power Station Tunnel – Photo credit: Niagara Parks

The Niagara Parks Power Station has been a long-dormant focal point of the world’s most powerful waterfall. Originally opened in 1905 as a way to harness the raw power of Niagara Falls, it was the first large-scale hydroelectric plant in Canada.

For 100 years, the Canadian Niagara Power Company converted the energy from the Horseshoe Falls into one of Ontario’s most important sources of electricity.

For 15-years the Niagara Falls Power Station has sat dormant as the industry surrounding it changed. It received a boost of recognition when the Mistrider: Zipline To The Falls was opened and dropped adventure-seekers 670 metres to a platform at the base of the Power Station.

But apart from that, the most excitement thrown at this attraction was as a canvas for the annual Niagara Lights Festival held each January.

Breathing New Life Into An Old Classic

Currents light show in Niagara Falls
Currents Light Show in Niagara Falls – Photo credit: Niagara Parks

For over 100 years, the Canadian Niagara Power Station harnessed the powerful energy of the Horseshoe Falls and turned it into a great source of electricity.

The massive turbines that converted water into power are being re-birthed as the newest, and possibly most thrilling attraction from Niagara Parks. Visitors will have the chance to walk through history and set eyes on marvels that haven’t been seen by many in the general public.

The experience will see two separate experiences. During the daytime, the attraction will focus on interactive exhibits and interpretive installations that explore the history and science of hydroelectric power in Niagara Falls.

But the real thrill will come at night when the immersive, 4D multimedia experience called “Currents” Niagara’s Power Transformed” will launch the long-dormant station into action with a spectacular stat of the art sound and 3D projection mapping technology that will make visitors a part of the ancient hydroelectric environment.

The magical journey will follow the journey of one tiny drop of water from the falls as it makes its way through the turbines of Canada’s first major hydro electric power plant. Your senses will tingle as you’re jolted into the world of electricity.

The experience is said to include new retail and culinary experiences that are sure to include some of the famous Niagara region wineries.

More To Come At The Niagara Generating Station Attraction

The launch of the interpretive displays and 4D experience are just the start for this new Niagara Parks experiences. Phase Two of the attraction will launch with a projected date of July 2022. This exciting growth will allow visitors to explore the vast underground tunnels and rooms of the Niagara Parks Power Station.

Guests will travel down nearly 70 metres to the main floor via an elevator to the tailrace tunnel. This connects the Niagara Falls power plant to the base of the Niagara River and will feature a stunning viewing portal right at the base of Niagara Falls.

What Will It Cost?

The new Niagara Parks attraction will be sold under the Niagara Parks Power Pass, which will include admission to the Niagara Parks Power Station as well as Journey Behind the Falls and will bundle for $37 for adults and $24 for children. This bundle includes a guided tour.

Admission on its own will be $20 for adults and $13 for children. While the Currents Night Show will be $40 for adults and $26 for children. For all packages, children 5 and under are free.

Guests can also purchase a guided tour plus Current Night Show package for $54 for adults and $35 for children.

You can pick up tickets at the Niagara Parks website.

It Will Soon Be Time For You To Experience This Attraction For Yourself

The Niagara Power Station will be opening soon. In the meantime, follow Ultimate Ontario for the latest updates.

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