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Vortex Wellness Studio: A Beacon for Self-Care in Collingwood, Ontario

Vortex Wellness Studio, based in Collingwood, is a place where people can feel comfortable embarking on their own wellness journey under the guidance of a capable staff. They have all the latest technology and gadgets to get you where you want to go, yet it’s all underlined with a simple ethos of care for other human beings. It’s a place to catch your breath and unwind in a world with an increasingly quickening pace. It’s your wellness “home away from home.”

Vortex Wellness Collingwood
The welcoming exterior of Vortex. Photo Credit: Christopher Mitchell

In the spring, I had a wonderful opportunity to venture on over to the South Georgian Bay region to see what all the fuss was about when it came to a newly founded business in the region, Georgian Trail E-Bikes. That trip ended up being one of my favourite trips of the year, as I got to know the owners of that venture, and could see that their passion for that project (and the region at large) came from a pure place. In short, they wanted to create something to further serve the community, which is very much aligned with the ethos of this site and brand.

As a brief side note, if you’re a cyclist, this guide on cycling in South Georgian Bay may serve you well.

But back to more important matters at hand. That dedication that I saw to serving the community with Georgian Trail E-Bikes – well it wasn’t the only place that I saw it. I also saw it at Vortex Wellness, especially once I got to know Daniel, and I could see the way that, ultimately, he and his partner had created a home away from home for so many in the community.

His attention to detail and commitment to this enterprise was inspiring to say the least, and I can say confidently that if I lived closer to this establishment, I’d be a regular. This is a place that cares about others, in the truest sense of the phrase and, as far as I’m concerned, we need more places like this.

As we’ll get into a little later, it’s not just the atmosphere though that makes this place special, it’s what they’re offering. I know that I left feeling both relaxed and invigorated, and certainly in a different, much improved headspace.

How Vortex Wellness Came to Be

Dan and Steve of Vortex Wellness
Dan and Steve of Vortex Wellness. Photo Credit: Vortex Wellness Studio

Vortex Wellness is the brainchild of Daniel and Steve, who both have strong connections to Collingwood. Daniel was actually born and raised in Collingwood, while Steve frequented this lovely Simcoe County town on his childhood winter weekends (though there’s plenty to do now in the summer in the Blue Mountains, as well).

And, if you want to talk about true connection – how about the fact that Steve and Daniel even got married in Collingwood.

As they note on their site (and I love their rather tongue-in-cheek descriptions of each other), “As an accomplished actor, singer-songwriter, graphic & web designer, yoga/meditation instructor and full-blown sorcerer – Daniel is very in tune with his intuition and creative energies. With his passion for connecting others with their full potential, Vortex is a natural expansion of Daniel’s talents. Every aspect of the studio has a layer of intention and mindfulness which is 100% Daniel’s brainchild.”

As for Steve, “his inherent desire to help people eventually led him to San Diego to further his education, where he earned his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. While he no longer practices, he still holds his license in California and British Columbia; upon returning to Canada he decided to hang up his stethoscope and open a leading-edge wellness studio with his husband.”

Talk about a dynamic duo.

“When making the decision to return to Canada, we felt that Collingwood’s four-season, active lifestyle made it the perfect place for us to create our studio. We finally decided to channel our shared passion for helping people into a physical space that could help humans reach their full potential – and Vortex was born.”

What’s Offered at This Collingwood Wellness Studio?

Daniel minding the front desk at Vortex Wellness
Daniel minding the front desk. Photo Credit: Christopher Mitchell

Vortex aims to offer a diverse range of multi-dimensional sessions, seamlessly blending sound, light, and energy frequencies to create an immersive wellness journey. They offer sessions spanning from 10 to 60 minutes, attempting to cater to all schedules, and to provide options for those seeking quick revitalization or a more indulgent self-care experience (sign me up for the latter, please and thank you).

Personally, I spent about an hour and a half here, in something akin to wellness heaven, as I tried out as many sessions as I could during my time there. What they offer here in terms of sessions is truly remarkable, by the way. They’ve got the latest technology here to help with the immersive side of things, while still prioritizing the simplistic principles of wellness that practitioners have been valuing for millennia.

Somadome Session

Welcome to the world’s first technology enabled meditation pod. I mentioned their emphasis on immersive experiences prior, and it really does not get much more immersive than this.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned meditator, this experience can be tailored to your needs. You simply pick your intention and opt for a guided or unguided meditation, and you’re off to the races.

I found the perfect intention for myself on that very day, but couldn’t help but think of what I might choose on other days and future visits, which is part of the intrigue of it all, and why I’d have a membership if I lived a little closer.

The somadome at Vortex Wellness
Can you tell I enjoyed the somadome? Photo Credit: Christopher Mitchell

Compression Session

I love the way that Vortex describes this session – “squeeze the hell out of your legs. You’ll thank us later.” To me, that statement is emblematic of the way Vortex does things. They demystify and take the pretension out of wellness, making it accessible for anybody and everybody.

Here you slip into your “empowerment gear,” set your preferred intensity, and allow the Normatec Pro system to take charge. Whether you’re an elite athlete or dealing with a long day on your feet, you have the opportunity to kickstart that recover process. You get to feel the rush of revitalization as your body’s lymphatic drainage system is activated, giving your legs the care and attention they truly need.

Red Light Session

Experience the radiance of red and near-infrared light waves stimulating energy production, reducing inflammation, and elevating skin health. With those trusty headphones on, dive into an invigorating meditation or groove to a playlist. As with a lot of what’s offered here – it’s your choice on how you want to customize.

This session is all about supercharging your body, and adding in some energy to the mix.

Tune Session

This cutting-edge vibroacoustic performance tech harnesses potent, medical-grade frequencies, tuning your body to its peak in just 15 minutes. This session is about aiming for “an instant system upgrade,” with the goal of offering you a positive shift in how you’re feeling. It’s all about relaxing and recalibrating your nervous system in just a short period of time.

NuCalm Session

Nucalm at vortex wellness
Ready for some rest? Photo Credit: Christopher Mitchell

If I was feeling absolutely exhausted on a particular week and needed something more restorative, this is where I’d be looking.

Enter NuCalm’s scientifically proven “neuroacoustic system,” swiftly guiding your brain into a stress-free zone within minutes. Within your session, rejuvenate your body, realign your circadian rhythm, and recover those lost hours of sleep.

One thing that Daniel mentioned to me that I haven’t forgotten – Apparently, a Harvard Medical School study revealed that NuCalm sessions deliver effects akin to 2-5 hours of restorative sleep. Who couldn’t use that kicker on a tiring week?

Seqex Session

I think it’s fun that Daniel and Steve like to call this session “the human charging station.”

Basically, Seqex employs PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy) to communicate with your cells using diverse high-frequency fields, empowering your body to operate at its innate, peak capacity. I, my friends, am just a writer, so quantum physics is not my forte, but it sure is intriguing to think about the possibilities and potential of it!

I should also mention here that a lot of this is about trying sessions and seeing what works for you. I saw lots of customers arriving and talking about a session they were going to do like it was their secret weapon for getting through the week – something they’d found that worked particularly well for them, and it strikes me that perhaps that is what it’s all about at Vortex.

Infrared Session

Infrared sauna at Vortex Wellness
Daniel explaining the wonders of the infrared sauna to me. Photo Credit: Christopher Mitchell

Indulge in a personal infrared sauna session for a detoxifying and stress-relieving experience. Reconnect with yourself by meditating, streaming your favorite Spotify playlist, or unwinding with Netflix on a large screen.

You can also enhance the experience with some colourful light therapy if you’d like, and post-session, appreciate your private shower, and emerge feeling ready to tackle the day.

Halo Session

A contemporary, exclusive twist on the traditional salt cave experience – with just the right touch of warmth added to the mix.

Immerse yourself in microscopic salt particles and embrace the wonders of “halotherapy”—an age-old practice now making a significant comeback. The goal is to strengthen your lungs and revitalize your skin as you embrace that gentle infrared heat.

Again, with this session, you’ll have the chance to meditate, listen to some of your own tunes, or get Netflix up and running.

What Do You Need to Know as a Potential Customer?

The Lounge at Vortex Wellness
The Lounge at Vortex Wellness. Photo Credit: Christopher Mitchell

Our job here at Ultimate Ontario has always been about providing you will all the information you need to feel comfortable trying new things in this province. So, what else do you need to know?

In sum:

  1. You review the sessions available, and choose one that works for you. Then you can book it here or call +1-705-293-4244. Note that you can come alone, with a friend, or with a small group, but just let the team know so they’re prepared for you.
  2. Arrive 5-10 minutes before your session, or you can arrive earlier and chill out in the lounge. I loved that I got some cozy slippers upon arrival.

If it’s your first time, you’ll need to create an account, and note that their sessions are designed for customers who are 18+ (though some could conceivably work for users 14+). Note that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy in effect.

Vortex states that, “All sessions include access to the lounge before and after your session to unwind with a bottle of intention water or tea while you use our massagers, journal your thoughts, read a book, or stare at the ceiling and ponder the mysteries of the Universe.”

In terms of pricing, you’ll want to head to this page, and see what works best. You may want to pay for single sessions, a 6 pack, 12 pack, or consider getting a membership so you can have unlimited sessions. They’re now offering a “Discovery Pass” as well where you have a month to try one of everything over a 30 day period, so that too may be an option.

At the end of the day, we firmly believe that Daniel and Steve are in this to help others, and offer something a little different in the Ontario wellness landscape. Where entrepreneurship and community care intersect, is where you’ll pique the interest of Ultimate Ontario, so we’re proud to showcase Vortex’s journey, and can only wish them well along the way.

If this ends up serving you well in your own wellness journey, well that’s all we can ask.

As Daniel and Steve have said publicly, “we look forward to meeting the amazing, wellness-minded people of our town and striving to make Collingwood a next-level community. There are so many incredible wellness-based businesses already existing and popping up now, and we are excited to bring our studio to this beautiful and thriving town that we both have roots in.”