A Visit to Essex County Wineries in Southern Ontario

Essex County wineries on the north shores of Lake Eerie are a pleasant surprise to visit. Wineries have been growing grapes and producing wines for in this region for a long time. Believe it or not, Essex County wineries are officially Ontario’s oldest, starting way back in the 1860s on Pelee Island. Vineyards in Essex […]

Leamington’s Cured Craft Brewing Co. – Ontario Craft Beer Done Right

Cured Craft Brewing Co. in Leamington, Ontario

Cured Craft Brewing Co. in Leamington, Ontario is relatively new to the Ontario craft brewery scene, but they’re already making waves. For starters, they’re the very first craft brewery in Leamington, a community that had been yearning for and deserving of a local brewery for quite some time. A brewery, believe it or not, can […]

7 Awesome Reasons To Visit Stratford Ontario This Year

Classic architecture of the Perth County Courthouse

For decades both locals and visitors to Ontario have been coming in droves to the town of Stratford, Ontario. This small, southern Ontario town has, what many see as, the golden ticket of destination attractions. In Stratford, you’ll find that rare mix of history, culture, ambiance, and high-quality restaurants. And while many people come here […]

This Gorgeous Six Nations Longhouse Is Just An Hour From Toronto

Contrary to popular belief, teepees were not the preferred housing for Indigenous people in Ontario prior to the arrival of Europeans. The Wigwam was a popular dwelling for some communities, but members of the massive Haudenosaunee People lived in community-focused Longhouses. And just a short road trip from Toronto in the First Nations community of […]

Discover The Salmon Run In Toronto At These Exciting Spots

Salmon Run in Toronto

Each year during late summer to mid-fall, salmon make their way upstream from Ontario’s Great Lakes. They wind their way up narrow rivers to lay their eggs in shallow, freshwater prior to the onset of winter. Watching the salmon run in Toronto has become a yearly-tradition for outdoor-lovers. And those looking to experience one of […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Year-Round Ottawa Farmers’ Market at Lansdowne Park

Ottawa Farmers Market at Lansdowne Park

The Ottawa Farmers’ Market, established in 2006, started from humble beginnings over at Lansdowne Park, and now its become a shining example of what an Ontario farmers’ market can be. At this point, it may be more apt to call it the “Ottawa Farmers’ Movement,” since, at its core, the Ottawa Farmers’ Market isn’t just […]

Best Places To See The Northern Lights In Ontario

Where To See The Northern Lights in Ontario

One of the best aspects of life in Ontario is the weather. As the southernmost of all the provinces and territories in Canada, Ontario gets some spectacular summers and winters that don’t reach the frigid temperatures of many of our northern neighbours. It also, however, means that people in Ontario often miss out on one […]

Discover These 7 Schitt’s Creek Filming Locations In Ontario

Schitt's Creek Filming Locations In Toronto

The television show Schitt’s Creek has taken the world by storm. And while most shows are at their peak during their second or third season, Schitt’s Creek has risen to fame after closing its sixth and final season. And what many locals don’t know is that this show is filmed right here in Ontario. With […]

The Best Restaurants in Gananoque, Ontario!

These are some of the best restaurants in Gananoque, Ontario

Anybody who has been to Gananoque knows precisely why it’s so beloved across the province. And yet, all things considered, it’s still not as widely known as it should be. Especially when considering the fantastic offering of restaurants in Gananoque. The name “Gananoque” is an aboriginal name which fittingly means “town on two rivers.” Gananoque’s […]