Your Guide to Windsor’s Ford City Neighbourhood


There are few things I appreciate more than exploring and writing about an up-and-coming neighbourhood such as Ford City. And, I’m not talking about neighbourhoods which have long ago been gentrified – I’m talking about honest-to-goodness neighbourhoods which are still in the process of forging their new identity. I’m talking about neighbourhoods like Ford City […]

Experience Lake Scugog Ice Fishing Just 1 Hour From Toronto

Lake Scugog Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing is as Canadian as Tim Hortons (well, at least before they got purchased by a Brazilian company). It’s quintessential to our northern identity here in Ontario. The timeless adventure of huddling in the warmth of a shelter sharing laughs, drinks, and stories is a classic Ontario experience. And it’s something that everyone in […]

The Best Amusement Parks in Ontario

Ontario amusement parks

As a kid, I’m not sure I realized how good I had it when it came to Ontario amusement parks. It wasn’t until I travelled the world a little more and visited their respective theme parks that I thought, “Okay, it turns out Canada’s Wonderland might be as awesome as I thought.” However, it’d be […]

Unique Places You’ll Never Believe Are in Ontario

Causeway crossing 11 islands of Long Sault Parkway

Ontario is full of surprises. Around every corner, there is a fascinating discovery to be found. It’s hard to believe some of these places are even in this province. From chains of islands to palm trees and Epic cliffs to castles, these unique places in Ontario are waiting to be explored. Unusual places in Ontario […]

5 of the Most Romantic Getaways in Ontario

Romantic Getaways In Ontario Couple riding bike through field

Everyone needs the chance to get away from it all. Whether you’re looking to escape the crowds and chaos of the big cities, or just find a place to spend some quality time with your significant other, discovering the most romantic getaways in Ontario will open up all the rest and relaxation you could ask […]

Where to Celebrate Oktoberfest in Ontario

Oktoberfest in Ontario

While it might not be known across the world, celebrating Oktoberfest in Ontario is an incredible experience. In fact, if you’re not in central Europe, and specifically Germany, it’s really not going to get much better than an Ontario Oktoberfest for you. The old German traditions stay true to form, but they’re mixed in with […]